About Us


Welcome to Russshop.com!

Russshop.com is a new online thrift shop. We sell both new and pre-loved items at the most affordable prices. Our collection of items are diverse and will continue to expand as time goes by. We have a mix of in-house inventory, as well as suppliers local and international. We focus on hard to find items, those that you normally can't find at your malls or shops. 

Though we try and keep our product line diverse, our majority of products will be Books, Games, Toys, Electronics, and Collectibles of all kinds. We expect the product line though to widen in its scope as more suppliers become part of the Russshop.

What Makes Us Different

  • One of the things that makes us different from other online shops is we can allow you to haggle for a better price especially when doing multiple orders at one time. For example, the price of one item is at P1000 pesos and you decide you want to buy 5 of them. You can contact us and tell us you want a "package price" and we will try our best to give you a bulk order discount. Of course, like any haggling, there are no guarantees but rest assured we will try to give you a good deal that is best for everybody. Want to know more about our "Tawad Guidelines", CLICK HERE.  

  • If you are looking for a particular type of item, you can actually make an inquiry and request for those items and we can see what we can do about having that product available for you. We want to have a product line that caters specifically to what you our customer wants. 

  • Also, we also have a curated re-seller service wherein we can resell your products on the site. This includes new and pre-owned items. Those of you who are interested to become a supplier can apply to become one by contacting us. At this stage, we will be limiting the suppliers to those suppliers and selling partners that we are sure can deliver the products that we will posted on the site. To know more how to sell your products on Russshop.com, you can read our "How to Sell" Guide HERE