Haggling/Tawad Guidelines

One of the major differences between buying online and buying in real life is haggling or what we Pinoys know as making "Tawad". This is one of the features we are experimenting with Russshop.com. Right now our process of doing this is still a work in progress but we're sure we can improve it as we refine the experience. Below are some guidelines on how we plan to implement this. 


  1. If you see a product you want to make tawad, you can do several things. You can use our Contact Us Page or if our Messenger is open, you can message us. 

  2. To make tawad, you have to inform us what those products are and how much you are offering for those products. Take note that tawad works best when buying multiple products instead of just buying one, just like it would be offline. 

  3. We will then contact you regarding your request. We will inform you if we accept your offer or not. Take note that due to the nature of being online, our response time will not be as fast depending on the time the requests were done. 

  4. If we accept the Tawad, then you will be given a discount code that you will enter into your transaction. Take note that the discount will then be applied to your items when you buy them. Do take note that the code will only works specifically for the products you asked for. We do reserve the right to cancel the order if there are any issues that come up such as not putting all the agreed upon products. Take note that the code will also last for a short period of time so the transaction should happen within the time frame or else it will be cancelled as well. This is the nature of Tawad too wherein, making the purchase right there and then is what encourages the deal to push through. 



  • We reserve the right to refuse your tawad. You are always free to request and it will be up to us to refuse or accept it. You are always welcome though to send us your offer. 

  • Please buy multiple products when requesting for tawad. Chances are we will refuse most of the time if its a single purchase, unless the item requested for is something we just want to dispose off already for one reason or another. 

  • Make reasonable offers. Asking for more than 50% Tawad won't probably ever happen. To minimize time and effort on both sides, make realistic offers only please.
  • Since this is an experimental feature, please bear with us with regards to issues like delays in response. Eventually we plan to automate this or expand our customer service but in the meantime, we will do our best. 

  • When making tawad, expect responses to give us at least 24-48 hours from your request to get back to you. 

  • When making your request, make sure to indicate which products you want, how much you are wiling to pay or discount you are asking for, and where will the items be shipped to.